Click here to read the City of St Joseph’s letter from December 13th, 2017 announcing their intention to annex the entire Orderly Annexation Area in 2018.

Below is the Orderly Annexation Area in Map Form from the Orderly Annexation Agreement between the Township and City of St Joseph last updated in 2010, readable at the link at the end of the last paragraph on this page.

Zone 1 is the listed 0-5 Year Service Area and is dated 1997-2002

Zone 2 is the listed 6-10 year Service Area and is dated 2003-2007

Zone 3 is the listed 11-20 year Service Area and is dated 2008-2017.

These zones are not and were not annexed as zones in the above specified time frame, but rather annexation of any property within a given zone was limited by conditions spelled out in the Orderly Annexation Agreement.  This Agreement can be read by clicking here.


SPECIAL PUBLIC HEARING on 07/17/2018 Informational Letter, Joint Resolution for Annexation, and Map can be found in the links below:

Letter to Township residents 07.17.2018

Joint Resolution – Annexation 2018

Proposed 2018 Annexation Map