Building Permit Information


In St. Joseph Township the permitting process has two parts; zoning and building. The zoning portion requires a review of the size and placement of your project.  To start this process a Construction Site Permit Application must be completed and submitted.  If you are within the Orderly Annexation Area, then you submit the Construction Site Permit to Nancy Scott.  If you are outside of the OA Area then you submit it to Stearns County Environmental Services.  

Once the zoning aspects of your project have been reviewed and approved you can then obtain a building permit through our building official, Nancy Scott.

Building permits are required for projects per the township’s Building Permit Ordinance:


Nancy Scott
14562 Ronneby Rd NE
Foley, MN 56329
(320) 293-5298

You can pick up a Building, Plumbing, or Mechanical Permit Application at the St Joseph Township Hall in the outside box on the end of the stone wall near the flagpole to the right of the front door.  Or you can click below for links to a PDF file of the Township’s Building Permits:

St. Joe Township Building Permit App– PDF

Township-County Construction Site Permit Application

Allspec – Mechanical Permit App – PDF

Allspec – Plumbing Permit App – PDF

Keep in mind projects that do not increase the footprint of a structure or are entirely in an existing structure do not need a Construction Site Permit.